Get On Your Knees Girl

Oh nah, I ain’t go there. But I bet the headline made you want to read, right? Like, “I know that man ain’t go there!” It’s not what you think but, real talk, you women need to spend more time on your knees.
The other night my best friend, who’s also my brother and my ace, gave me a call with a story to tell. So, I brought the blaze and we chopped it up. Turns out his shorty, who he’s been seeing for some time and is carrying his child, decided to ask for his hand in marriage. I was shocked.

Me: “Where’s the ring?”

My Ace: “She didn’t get me one.”

Me: “That’s cool. Did she get down on her knee?”

My Ace: “Nah, it wasn’t even like that homie.”

Me: “So what did she do?”

My Ace: “She just asked me to marry her.”

This proposal has been buggin’ me and got me thinking. So much is expected of men when it comes to proposing, but what about women? Most of ya’ll won’t even ask a guy out on a date.

I know for a fact that if I didn’t ask wifey to marry me we’d still be living in sin. As a matter of fact, scratch that, she would’ve left me because there was no way she’d propose to me. EVER! But if you truly love someone, why not? I don’t think women understand how stressful it is for a man to lay his heart on the line like that. I was a nervous wreck, sweaty palms, heart racing and the whole nine, but I got down on one knee and broke out the ring and did it like a man is supposed to. Shiiiiiiiiit…I even asked for her father’s blessing.

Now my boy has been contemplating marriage for some time, but didn’t feel like it was the right time to pop the question. But something about his girl flipping the script made him realize what he really had. Shorty’s love was so real, she had no problem going after what she ultimately wanted.

So I applaud my man’s girl, that took guts. She loves dude and put her pride on the line. How many of ya’ll would do the same? Women talk so much about independence and how much of a new day it is… Well, shit, if that’s the case stop all the yappin’ and get on your knees girl! Oh, by the way, my homie said yes and guess who the best man is?

-Al “Brooklyn” Bundy

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  • Brown Eyes

    Awe congrats to your brother! I used to play the timid in my relationships, but I have learned that men cant read our minds, and we should always express what we feel. Kudos to her for actually putting it out there and asking. Personally I was always afraid of being rejected. But in my current relationship, he is timid, so I am the one always taking it to the other level. I guess it just depends on the person. But you are right, we are independent, I dont see anything wrong with a woman proposing to the man she loves!

  • nitabita

    let me find out the only reason she proposed was because she pregnant,. . .trying to save face!?

  • Bundy

    So are you going to propose Brown Eyes?!? That would be dope I encourage it! lol.
    Its funny cuz i ask my wife if she would have proposed to me if i didnt ask her… She’s just like “HELLLLLLL NO.” How foul is that?!? lol

    Nitabita: I aint even gonna lie I think the pregnancy had something to do with it, but not to save face. I think it helped put things into perspective as far as where they’re at in their relationship.

  • Brown Eyes

    I just might. He’s moving in when his lease is up, so you never know. Guess who suggested he move in? ME – lol

  • Brown Eyes


  • Bundy

    That’s DOPE Brown Eyes- But if he shows the slightest amount of Pharrell and Jay-Z FRONTIN’ in him… give him the boot! lol