New Usher (you’re welcome!)

Bundy threw me these first two songs, “This Ain’t Sex” and “Play Me,” this morning. I’m not really feeling either to be honest, but I’ll throw in “Trading Places” for giggles…and because that’s the only one that I actually like.

Listen to “This Ain’t Sex” here, “Play Me” here and “Trading Places” here**.

What do you think, ladies? Oh yeah, and don’t forget to read his exclusive Parlour interview here. Happy Monday!

Steely D

PS. I should be listening to Here I Stand in it’s entirety this week, I’ll keep you posted…Please God, I want to like it.

props to TGJ, HIF, PB

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  • I think the name of the CD is “Here I Stand”….

    …also, thanks for the tunes. I’ve been listening to this other cut that didn’t make the CD called “Echo”. Straight fiyah!!!! I’ll shoot you a link…….

  • Say….that link for “Play Me” has been deleted (if you can’t tell, I just tried to download it after I posted my previous comment). Is there anyway you could re-up it to Zshare or Mediafire? Those are much better services than Sendspace anyway…..


  • As promised:

    Usher – Echo

  • **Thanks for the heads up Lanzkie, “Echo” is cool-and “Play Me” is all ready for you sir!**