And….We’re Back.

Oh Hell. It’s time to confess something to you guys.
We, the publishers of Parlour have been: bamboozled, led astray, run-amuck…we didn’t land on our server…our server straight landed on us on Thursday afternoon!!!! After weeks of back-and-forth, we crashed. HARD.

Ok seriously, did you miss us? We missed you! We missed you so much that we had a hissyfit, cried, and then went to the beach cuz we realized that our problem wouldn’t be solved by walking around with a screw-face. It was a blessing in disguise really: we caught up on some reading, worked on some great ideas (chronic+ocean=inspiration) and discovered a great pizza place…it was exactly what we needed.

So, welcome back ladies (and the guys that love us)! It’s good to be home.


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  • Brown Eyes

    AWE! I missed you guys. For reals, I was worried you guys got jacked or something… happy all is well and you guys are up and running again.

  • yes parlour, you were missed. had me checking every few hours like i was fiendin’, lol. you guys gone created a gap in my online reading. welcome back. (wish i could’ve gone to the beach. bah)