Morning Coffee 6.30.08

And so it is…after months of fighting, torturing, vote-stealing and ignoring the UN, former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has been sworn in as the new president of the country after last Friday’s susty election. Remember when your mom used to tell you the world wasn’t fair…[NYT]

High gas? Apparently it’s no one’s fault. [DH]

The Olympic swim trials are kicking off in Omaha, NE…cute boys, lots of speedos…I’m just saying. [NBC]

Are you sleeping with your girl’s ex-bf and want to know what you should do about it? Watch the link. [J]

WOW- Here’s Jay-Z singing one of my fave high school jams, Oasis’ “Wonderwall.” This after Oasis member Noel Gallagher said he didn’t want any hip-hop at the UK’s recent Glastonbury Festival. Hi Hater. Can we focus on Jay singing and playing the guitar though? What Lil Wayne hath wrought[OS]

Here’s the super cool Chris Brown performance I told you guys about- don’t watch the Nelly performance, you’ll just be mad. [TGJ]

Israel and Hezbollah are trading prisoners, meanwhile a mother and her seven year old daughter were shot trying to escape the madness while crossing the Israeli-Egyptian border. [BBC] [JP]

Oh yeah, Amy Winehouse called Kanye a cunt but you don’t care do you? Of course not.

Saw ‘Wanted’ this weekend with my new crush, James McAvoy. Though it was highly unbelievable…Who really can flip over a limo in another car (while driving it) and have a perfect enough shot to kill another man upside down? My girl and I just kept looking at each other like “really guys?” Oh yeah, even though Common had like 4 lines – we counted- he was HOT in every scene. Beauty, its so unfair! What’d you do this weekend? -Steely D

Image: Alexander Joe/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

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  • i’ve been fan of amy winehouse for a while now (pre-vh1 blow-up) and i’ve been sitting back, shaking my head at all her foolishness. i loved “lady sings the blues” but i didn’t want to see it play out again. but after all of drama, drugs and misbehavior, the kanye cunt thing is HILARIOUS!!! (the c bomb is still one of those get slapped down words but it was funny as hell in this context.) she sang that part loud and strong. nice to hear her in decent voice. and i kinda agree with her.