Seven-Year Itch

Is it possible to remain faithful forever? Tough question. I guess it depends on whom you ask, but the truth is I feel like during our daily travels we see a lot more examples of infidelity than life-long faithfulness. Still, I’m optimistic, almost to a fault, so I believe monogamy is totally possible. Or at least I thought I did.
After the first six years of marriage, some say that we get what is called the “Seven-Year Itch,” where we get the urge to test the waters and have an affair of some sorts. I wonder how many folks actually go through this. Does it just apply to men? Are woman susceptible to it as well? Does my itch trigger at exactly my seventh anniversary?

With so many questions unanswered, the concept seems flawed but it did get me to thinking; if I could creep and have a little fling with no Glen Close-like repercussions (i.e. Getting caught, catching an STD, getting someone pregnant or hooking up with some Fatal Attraction psycho) would I do it? Hmmmmm.

On one hand, the overall guilt and foulness of cheating is a lot to handle. On the other, the thrill of sneaking around with Ms. New Booty is pretty alluring. I know, maybe I’m wrong for saying so, but how many of us are thinking this, sitting there afraid to admit it? And reality says that women are just as bad, if not worse than men. Why? Because when a woman cheats, she’ll likely get away with it and her dude will never know.

So what’s the point of all this? Well, it’s kinda like Chris Rock’s I Think I Love My Wife. Kerry Washington’s character was no doubt hot, but Gina Torres (the chick who played Chris Rock’s wife) was no slouch either! It’s just that Kerry’s character represented something new and fresh. She rocked all that fly shit, like the kinky lingerie (the scene in the underwear store was HILARIOUS- Ed. Note: Rock sees Kerry while he’s out shopping with wifey & the kids. Kerry has several thongs, but wifey’s touting granny panties. Nice). Don’t get it twisted. Kerry’s character was a ho, but ain’t nothing wrong with her mentality when it comes to the confines of your own bedroom, right? Lady in the street, freak in the bed.

Now, seven-years isn’t a long time at all (if you’re really committed that is… Is it true that Usher is getting divorced already? Cotdamn, can we get the first week sales of ‘Here I Stand’ at least?). However, seven-years is just enough time to get comfortable with your partner. I think that’s when couples start letting shit go. Women stop getting their hair done and trade all of Vicky’s Secrets for Hanes Her Way; dudes quit hitting the gym and stop sending flowers. So as I approach my seventh wedding anniversary, I think I’m gonna try to get my 2001 swag back and put the spark back in my relationship. But if shit is still stagnant by our 14th anniversary… I’m fucking Kerry Washington. Believe that!

-Al “Brooklyn” Bundy

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  • asha fka thatchick

    bundy, i know you’re waiting for my response. after lunch…i won’t disappoint, lol.

  • Bundy

    haha i can’t wait!

  • asha fka thatchick

    seven years may have seemed like the itching point back in the days when people stayed married until death parted them, like 40, 50 years. after seven years now, you should be beyond it, i think. i’m not married yet but i can’t front like there’s no difference between my last relationship that lasted 6 years and your 7 year marriage. there are probably a lot of similarities – things getting stagnant, people letting themselves go, etc. but the main difference for me was that if i stepped outside of my relationship, i did or could do it with the rationale that at least i wasn’t married. yes, that excuse is very self-serving and selfish and full of ish but it is what it is. i have a lot of rules that govern my life and some have changed over time with experience but that is one of my rules that remain. i want to say that after i’m married i will say the same thing but honestly, i don’t know. until then, i will keep things in my current relationship fresh and poppin’ until it moves towards marriage or fizzles out. and when i do get married, i will do my best to change things up and keep it interesting…and scratch the hell outta him if he should start itching, lol.

  • asha fka thatchick

    oh yeah, if i’m cheating, it’s with idris. and bundy, you can do better than kerry. while pretty, she seems too frail for any real physical activity. damn what you saw in she hate me, lol.

  • Bundy

    Wait so did you or didnt you step outside of your relationship?!? Interesting. And there is a difference between marriage and a long term relationship and I think you hit the nail on the head. In the long term releationship you still maintain the option to leave whenever you want… in marriage too, but no not really.

    NOW… if not Kerry who do you suggest? I can’t lie I’m a sucker for a pretty face, for me I always have had to find a girl pretty in the face in order to have relations…
    But it will be interesting to see who u offer up as a Kerry alternative.

  • asha fka thatchick

    i can neither confirm nor deny…online. catch me over a cocktail and i may spill, lol. now, i admit that i don’t really know you but you seem like you like to get it in so you’d need a chick that could give as good as she takes. which body type(s) do you prefer? did you respond to amelda’s poll? without sounding any more like a pimp, i think scarlett johannsen (if you like vanilla), kelis, lisa nicole carson (if you like them thick), or that chick in the 1st. flashing lights video. how’s that? no disrespect to mrs. bundy. this is all for play-play.

  • Bundy

    yeah no disrespect at all..

    Let’s see first off Scarlett: I never saw the big deal about her. She’s cool I guess, but she has never really done it for me. I would’nt kick her out of bed, but never once did i see her and say to myself “DAMN.”

    Kelis: She is pretty dope, but the thought of Mrs. Nasir Jones is weird for me. Plus once 50 said “Kelis smells like full-court basketball” i could never lust after her.

    Lisa Nicole Carson: Not with that grill! I need a pretty face.

    Rita G (from the first Flashing lights Video): while I will admit I DL’d that video onto my ipod because her body is insane… she has a face like a horse!

    It aint just about being thick for me… shorty has got to be sexy. Facial features are important and I’m a sucker for a good “fuck face” (excuse the cruedeness I just dont know any other word for it).

    Alicia Keys, Sanaa Lathan, Rosario Dawson, those are probably more my types… pretty with some body.

  • asha fka thatchick

    lol @ the kelis comment. i understand the scarlett comment but disagree with the lnc comment. i think she’s pretty and sexy. but we’re in totally agreement with alicia, sanaa and rosario. i’d add more details to my comment but that’s another post, perhaps one for my own blog, lol.