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Dear Kanye, A Style Intervention.

Dear Kanye,

Oh Kanye. I love you, I really do. But seriously hon…whose idea was the cheetah print, nineties-style rayon blend party shirt scarf…in the back pocket. Seriously, did you pick that up off the floor in Alexis’s studio when you two were still together? Ugh. I just had an Oaktown 357 flashback! The rest of the ‘fit – classic Kanye. LV Damier, snakeskin and driving gloves—only you could pull that off.
‘Ye, I’ve always loved your style, but let’s take a serious look in the mirror the next time we step onstage, k? Also, slap everyone in your crew for having you walk onstage with that atrocity on your person.

Btw. ‘We Major’ was/is my absolute shit.
With Love,

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  • dsteel

    AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! the cheetah print! i can’t…

  • Bundy

    Then he is flying the cheetah print rag like a homosexual crip! SMH. Damn and I have never ever ever criticized dude for his outfits.

  • Blame taz.

  • I agree. Taz is on some “otha otha otha/skip a level/he below that” ish. Some things you just CAN NOT DO and that brotha stay trying to do em. SMH….

    btw…any sistah that is feeling “We Major” must be applauded…maybe even proposed to 😉 ….

  • We are right >here< with the we major comment.

    i don’t understand how people think graduation was better than late registration. There isn’t nothing on gradutation thats coming close to We major or the slew of hits on LR.

  • Bundy

    Graduation was much better than Late Reg. What on Late Reg is coming close to “Champion” “Flashing lights” or “The Glory.” lol

    Not that Late Reg was a bad album, but i think Graduation was superior = my 2 cents

  • steely d

    Lanzkie, you’re back!!! I’ve gotta think on this LR vs GDN convo…off the top of my head, i think different moods call for different things. however “Late”…MY LIFE THEME SONG. Ah HAHAHAHA…

  • Wildin!

    We Major – the first evidence that the Jay and Nas beef might be over.

    Hey Mama – nuff said.

    Gone – The best and last great thing Camron Giles ever did.

    Celebration – Beautifully produced track, thats a great song to end a night on.

    Late – Just when you thought the album was done, here comes this album cut that proves to me that as self-conscious and serious as Kanye pretends to be, he can still have fun. Rap niggas stopped having fun a few years ago and I miss it.

    I say all of this to say, LR has as many hits as Graduation has songs. Graduation was a strong effort that has some jams on it, but I think LR has more replay value and less skipped tracks.

  • amleda

    all hail kanye, for he is great.

    i *heart* everything kanye does. Yes, including the leopard scarf.

  • :I’m typing this on my iPhone so bear with me:

    Comparing Late Registration to Graduation isn’t gonna work because they are two different bodies of work. LR, while it did contain way more hits, was really just about Kanye figuring out all that he could musically. If I might get a bit of indulgence for bringing out my geekiness for a spell, LR to me is a lot like The Empire Strikes Back: It is here that we learn all that a Jedi Knight is capable of by watching Luke Skywalkers’ adventure throughout the movie. This is where we find Kanye: exploring the extent of his abilities and allowing us to see all that he is capable of.

    In keeping with my geeky analogy, Return of the Jedi is where we finally see Luke mature into the man that he is meant to be: Savior, brother, master of his abilites and destiny. Thus, Graduation is Kanye’s ROTJ: Throughout the trials and tribulations of dealing with his newfound celebrity and speaking on things that he is passionate about (Hurricane Katrina, George Bush, The Grammy’s), Graduation became his testament to his newfound maturity and growth as a man and artist who finally accepts his destiny and role in the Universe.

    In my mind, LR sounded better, but I FELT Graduation more. I knew that Graduation was gonna be bigger and doper than LR when I first heard Can’t Tell Me Nothin….and that is STILL the hardest cut on the CD.

    “Life is a Ugh dependin’ how u dress her/so if the Devil wear Prada/Adam-Eve wear nada/I’m in between, but way more fresher…”


    I could go on and on about this but, I’ve said quite a bit so I’m gonna get back to listening to Busta Rhymes “I Got Bass”….

    2 fingaz!!!

  • Aimeen

    Honestly…i think he looks cool. It looks sick…its different. it is a bit busy and loud for my taste but it is original for sure. He looks like he is wearing a costume sometimes but you cant knock him for having his own sence of style…I dig it