I Know I’m Probably Late But…Prima J?

I’m a fan! Sitting up folding laundry last night, MTV Hits played Prima J‘s video, “Corazón (You’re Not Alone).” Originally, their ’round the way Mexican girl fashion caught my eye- it reminded me of my friend’s older sister growing up. I thought she was SO cool! From her Aqua-net stiff bangs, thick black eye-liner, dark lipstick and low-rider jams (where I first heard Aretha Franklin’s “Chain Of Fools”…I thought she was singing “ching ching ching” instead of “chain chain chain.” Smh), my girl’s sister was the cat’s meow. But then Prima J, comprised of two cousins Janelle Martinez and Jessica Martinez, had a freestyle/booty shake break in their video that reminded me of Jordan Knight’s “Give It To You” and I was sold. Just sharing…their clip for “Corazón (You’re Not Alone)” after the jump.

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  • Louisa

    They are amazing! I’m a true fan and they do take me back to the 80’s. Kudos to whomever found this video!

  • This is awesome. Betcha they’re bumping this in San Diego, where they STILL play INOJ and Amanda Perez during the rush hour mix on Jammin Z90.