It Was All A Dream

Thank god I don’t talk in my sleep. Last night, I had a crazy ass dream, it involved a female friend of mine, a few innocent flirts and then some of the most passionate love making ever dreamt by married man.
Now before ya’ll read too much into it, the girl in the dream is a good friend. Yes, she is fine as hell, but outside of that there has been nothing remotely close to any type of sexual or flirtatious interaction while I’m awake. I can truly quote Big and say “it was all a dream” and nothing more. I dream about women other than my wife from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

Now my wife claims to never have dreamt of another man since being with me. Am I to really believe that? I just figure she says that to spare my feelings – not that I would trip over something like that. It is what it is. Or could she be telling the truth? Do ya’ll women have some type of automatic switch that as soon as you get into a committed relationship ya’ll block out any outside thoughts of desire? Wifey also once told me she never looks at other guys. I’m not exactly the ogling type either but shiiiiiit sometimes you see someone attractive and you do the double take. Is that so wrong? (Now you don’t do it in the presence of your lady, that’s just disrespectful).

I feel like women are just built differently. Sure you have sexual thoughts, desires or fantasies that don’t include your significant other, ya’ll just do a much better job of concealing that shit. Men are stupid, even down to the way we deal with our feelings. If we sleep with a girl, we wanna tell all of our boys and brag about all the details. If we see a chick on the street with a fat ass, we yell out “Damnnnnnn” so the whole block can know that we know that shorty has a fatty. Women are different. A woman can be content keeping her sexual feelings to herself. This is why when men cheat they get caught while a woman can hide that shit for a lifetime.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe our committed sisters out there never dream about that handsome co-worker, or give that charming dude on the train a second look. Shit, who am I kidding? Ya’ll worst than us.

-Al “Brooklyn” Bundy

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  • Brother listen.

    Your wife and her other married friends have a “Can get it” list that you just aren’t privy to. The list might include the usual suspects, John Legend (If he wasn’t gay), Andre 3k, common, Marky mark (lol).

    Women are a lot more subtle with their gawking and holleration than we could ever be. While we gawk and yell out “Damnnnnnn”, they smoothly slide a coochie coupon into your jacket pocket, and say “call me”.

    Maybe its that alien concept most men in their 20s avoid, maturity.

  • Bundy

    Haha you ain’t lying my dude. Actually Marky Mark is one my wife’s “can get it” list because every I swear for as long as I have been with her we have seen every one of his flick’s in the theatre! lol

  • asha fka thatchick

    for once, i can not object. yes, all of my girls and i have a “can get it list” and there have been times when i have joked about it with my man. of course, i only discuss someone that we both know is completely outta reach.

    yes, i have had dreams about someone other than my man and depending on the dream, i have shared but i don’t think he shares his dreams as readily for the same reasons why you think your wife doesn’t share hers.

    and yes, women do look as much as men but really, what are we looking at? women’s bodies have been overly sexualized and objectified since forever. (there’s always that 1 in a thousand chance that a woman will see a man with a bulge that will make her stare but most women’s gaze just goes straight down to their shoes, lol) when a woman looks at a man, is looking too long at his chest or ass really going to cause drama with her man? i think that there would only be a problem if said chick is grinnin’ up in dude’s face. when guys get caught looking at someone other than theirs, trust that they are not looking in the other chick’s face. oh, for the record, john legend is in no way near my CGI list. he’s on my “gay best friend list”. and while i didn’t slip my man a “coochie coupon”, i did slip him my number…after i saw he staring at me, lol.

  • Bundy

    maybe your man aint get it- but someone at one time or another got that “coochie coupon!”

  • true. now that i think about it, when i gave him my number, it was more like a book of coupons. i knew that we’d be a great match.

  • Brown Eyes

    chris brown lil young ass could get it. LMAO

  • deja vu?