Who’s Gonna Pay For All These Kids?!?

Recession is the word. They say it’s hard out here for a pimp, but damnit what about a hardworking, underpaid father of two? It’s funny, I look at my mom and see how she and my dad raised four kids; then I look at my in-laws and see how they raised four kids— makes me wanna clap it up for the old school. There is no way in hell that wifey and I can financially manage four kids, assuming they all want to eat, wear clothes and be sheltered.

Times are definitely changing and being a parent just isn’t what it used to be. Both me and my wife work (her schedule is a set one, while I work ungodly hours a few nights a week) and even with both of our salaries it gets tough. Not only are gas prices at an all-time high, but childcare ain’t cheap either. Day care for my oldest and a sitter for the baby is damn near a second mortgage (yet I wouldn’t exactly feel comfortable paying bottom dollar either). Still, I remember as a kid, my dad went out and worked while we stayed home with ma dukes. My wife and I tried that for a few months, but once we were forced into a Ramen noodle diet, we figured it was time for her to go back to work.

What happened to the dream America sold us? You know the white picket fence? The 2.5 kids? Isn’t that what the old heads promised us after four years of college? Shit, now the only thing we got is shitty paying jobs, rising health care costs and college loans up the ass (am I just bitching?). Now I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world, please believe it, but I wouldn’t dare doubling up either. Imagine what college will cost in the year 2023?

I can’t front though, these tough financial times have forced the wife and I to get more creative on the parenting front. A year ago, a typical Saturday would consist of breakfast at Ihop, a music together class (yeah we were the only ‘spics in the building), lunch, maybe a trip to the movies or Chuck E. Cheese’s for dinner. Man are those days over. Now we do a lot more cooking at home and spend a lot more time in the park and in the library. Despite the declining U.S. dollar, our family works. How are the rest of you guys with kids copping these days? Can you picture yourself having any more kids in the new era of Brokeassness?

-Al “Brooklyn” Bundy

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  • I feel your pain Al. As a single mother of 2 school age boys I gots bills up the izzazz. Everytime someone asks me ‘don’t you want a girl’ i give them the ‘are you f*ckin’crazy!?’ side-eye. I’m killing myself covering the basic food/water/shelter/clothing/save for college. Not to mention the few extras like karate lessons & summer camp. I really can’t imagine having another child for numerous reasons, #1 being the enormous costs associated with it. I know my parents struggled with my brother & I but what’s going on today seems like nothing in comparison. But what can you do? Get creative with your finances, search out those free/low cost programs & activities & keep on grindin’.

  • Bundy

    Wow. Its hard with me and my wife so I couldnt imagine being a single parent! But like Pac said “You are appreciated!”

    LOL at the “dont you want a girl” comment – I get that all the time!

  • yeah man, the recession is hitting us kinda hard. and considering that i work in social services (one of the two fields that get hit first whenever there are city & federal budget cuts), i’ve had to figure out more ways to be creative. over the past several years, i have had to become the queen of free, or at least inexpensive. i try to take my son to as many free family events as possible, like first saturdays, the numerous street fairs, the rebel soul salon series in weeksville, afro-punk block party, etc. he’s also going to a free, reputable summer camp that i found earlier in the year. there are a lot of free or low-cost programs and services out there. you just have to explore and research. you also have to create a realistic budget, which i’m still learning how to do. my grandmother raised me and my little sister, after raising her own 3 children and 3 nephews, but she still managed to send me to private schools, take me on international family trips and make sure that i always had what i needed. she was able to do that because she sacrificed. that’s key. since things are so much more easier to obtain, we tend to think that we deserve to have it, whether it’s that new video game or that new pair of shoes. our sense of entitlement is crazy! not to mention our need for instant gratification. if we budget better and put off on unnecessary purchases, we would be able to have more to do more with. i rather my son wear shack’s sneakers from payless to go to camp and have more money towards a real vacation than buy jordans and have him tear them up before the school year.

  • Bundy

    Im sorry you lost me at Shaq shoes from Payless.
    I am a JORDAN HEAD. I was used to getting a new pair every month, but have since cut that out since last september. I actually havent bought any clothing for myself since september. I rather my sons get ’em.

  • i have a 9 year old son and he will wear whatever i give him until he can either keep his sneakers clean (which is almost impossible when you’re a 9 year old boy) or he can buy them for himself. also, since he’s still growing, it feels like i have to buy a different size every other month so i’m definitely not buying him jordans. if my family wants to buy him jordans or sean john or whatever else, cool. i buy him old navy, h&m, and from marshall’s. that’s why he was able to go on a cruise over christmas break last year to jamaica, turks & caicos, and bermuda.

  • Bundy

    Nah I totally feel you. We may have to take a trip to Old Navy this weekend… they got cute shit for kids.

    Its funny though, my son actually takes care of his kicks though. He gets PISSED if he gets a scuff. I know he gets that from me, I have to remind him that it isnt THAT serious. lol

  • i’m tryna to teach my son to how to take care of his stuff better. had him cleaning his sneakers (the uptowns someone else bought, lol) with an old toothbrush. shout-out to the old school! yes, yes y’all!