Avery Storm is a Beast

Seriously. Didn’t you think the same thing when you first saw him? When I first saw Avery singing in Correctional Officer Rick Ross’s new video, “Here I Am“, I could do nothing but think of the late eighties drama Beauty and the Beast. Remember how Linda Hamilton used to straight fiend over Vincent, who lived in the sewer and was half lion or something? Eighties Television = The Best!


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  • lyani

    Bwahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! LOL

  • WOW! you took it back to beauty and the beast! how about i used to work with this woman whom i referred to as MOL because of her ratty-ass weave and her demeanor. for all of you youngins, “mean ol lion” is a reference from the wiz -“you can say what you wanna but stay outta my way, ‘cuz i’m a mean ol lion!”