Chips Wit Patti?

Like West Indian food? I sure do…gimme some oxtails, dumpling and salad and I am a happy gal. What I hate however, is getting the food. Here in NY, I have the privilege of living close to about four of the best spots, but about 70% of the time I have to deal with at least one of the following: 1) they don’t have what I want 2) crazy attitude 3) slow service 4) they don’t have what I want. More than likely, I also have to endure gossip, somebody getting screamed at on the phone, and a monologue about unruly pickney (children).

This clip, taken from the BBC’s late eighties comedy The Real McCoy pretty much sums it all up. Peep Robbie Gee at the end. See you on the parkway for NYC’s West Indian Day Parade this weekend!

– JBaker

Steely says: My fave experience? Customers are packed into this small West Indian resty in Flatbush that’s probably as big as your bathroom. No coherent line, just people waiting. One dude comes in from the back- screaming “Twoooo Pattieeeesss!!!” Meanwhile, the incoherent line ice-grills him as he gathers his patties and jets out of the exit door. So unfair.

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  • lemu

    Blouse and skirt! I haven’t seen this clip in years.

    “ahh-oh” @ 5:32 is where I fell out.

    i love my peoples.

  • Louisa

    Although I am not West Indian, this gal loves a great curried goat! To find that in manhattan is never the case. I agree that you have to travel to really get great food but with all the chatter of the lines. To all my fooides out there…you know what i mean. Thanks for playing….

  • cleopatra

    good food + a funny story or two to share = priceless