In Case You Missed It: Hillary Clinton’s DNC Speech

I thought it was good, “No way, No how, No McCain.” That is, until Clinton launched into why she “ran for president”- which went on for what seemed like forever. My boy said if he were Michelle Obama, he would’ve thrown a stiletto at Hills. I don’t know…my fave has to be her saying, “To my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits.” LOL! Thoughts?

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  • RaffBk

    An incredible speech by Clinton, the best I’ve heard from her. And for all u Clinton-ites that refuse to vote for Obama…. please get over it. its about what’s best for the country. I was a Clinton supporter, too. its okay, your finger wont fall off when u pull the lever.

  • RaffBk

    Did anyone see that woman on CNN crying and saying she’s not sure if she will vote for Obama?

  • jbaker

    The black woman with wavy black hair? Yeah, she was KILLING me with raw emotion.

  • RaffBk

    i almost felt bad for her….

  • krankin

    Feel bad, my ass. I (and the multiple people who texted me to vent) wanted to strangle her, crying for Clinton on tv like her life depended on it. Simple.