K-Ci & JoJo Reunite and…Pass Out?

I don’t know either.

thanks crusade

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  • krankin

    WTF? I am deeply disturbed/confused by what I just saw.

  • finkies

    yeah… its just ridiculous… its so bad… i just… where does one begin? how does it get to the point that your security guard just leaves you face down on stage in front people who paid to see you perform, almost like he’s been through this ish before. so not ok lol.

  • This is terrible. Dude was down for a good 3 minutes before someone actually decided that it was a problem. K Ci just kept going. Yo.. but check the comments in the background…”What the F*** Yo” “Pick him up” “Oh sh**”

  • You almost have to laugh at the absurdity of it. That is if it wasn’t so sad! Why did the security card pick up the microphone and keep on walking? Has it gotten this bad JoJo? And why hasn’t K-Ci learned that a shirt is his friend, a buttoned up shirt?

  • GakcityGuy


  • thegirlfromlongbeach

    Mama No! What does their father, the good reverend doctor, have to say about this? And this isn’t unfamiliar territory for these two. This has to be the 3rd installment of their drunken show I’ve witnessed. Damn Puffy, Andre Harrell, Mary… is there no friend that can come and intervene on this train wreck?