New Mos Def (you’re welcome!)

Here’s a bit of weekend delight…My boy R.Thentic produced a track- “The Glow”- for Mos Def recently and sent it to me to get you thoughts, Parlour Fam…I likes and I’m also really happy that my boy’s greatness is being recognized. Listen to “The Glow” here and if you want to hear more of R. Thentic hit his site at Anyway, what do you think?

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  • Thank You…..Viva La HilLs
    I Hope You AlL Enjoy
    Great GREAT Art On It’s Way!!!!!
    The RTNC UFO Is Now In Earth’s Orbit


  • jbaker

    GO R!!!! He’s the best, with one of the best wardrobes EVER.

  • finkies

    it’s nice! thanks for the dopeness, R.Thentic 🙂