…Says the Single Girl: You’re a Punk Ass Punk

The most interesting thing about ending a relationship is how differently men and women go about it.

Women break up with a dude because it is clear to her that:

– He is cheating

– He is using her

– He is abusive/violent

– He doesn’t want to marry her (sadly this is often the last thing women come to terms with)

Men break up with a chick because it is clear to him that:

– She won’t break up with him first

For this, men you get the Punk Ass Punk award for avoiding break ups like the plague.

If they could have their way, men would never have to utter the words “This isn’t working,” “I need some space,” “I love you but …”

Men HATE breaking off their real relationships (sorry, jump offs get tossed to the side faster than a used condom) so much so they would stay in it for a year or two too long and pray that their girlfriend either dies, falls into a coma or turns lesbian rather than sit her down and call it quits. Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t real reasons why men dump their girls (she is too needy, has a bad attitude, is a slut in sheep’s clothing, etc) but for a man to get up the guts to end it is a big step.

See ladies, men are more sensitive than you think but not how you think. They don’t really care about hurting your feelings; they care more about you hating them. No man wants to cut off the pussy supply. So if he can end the relationship but still get late night privileges then he would prefer that. The fits of anger, you slandering his character on Facebook, telling your pretty homegirl that he always wanted to fuck that he is no good thereby ending his chances…he doesn’t want to go through all of that.

Men hate being the bad guy, even the assholes don’t want people to know they are assholes like its some secret and we can’t smell the shit as they enter the room. As for the men who are really good dudes and don’t want to hurt a woman’s feelings, they try to deal with the bullshit for as long as they can.

Without Further Ado…STSG Presents:

The 1st bi-annual
Punk Ass Punk Awards!

First Prize: With his girl for 9 years off and on. Even wanted to marry her and started saving for the ring but realized that she wasn’t wife material. She didn’t do the little things (STSG: Post on this topic coming soon!). Before long he wasn’t attracted to her anymore, moved out of their joint apartment, told her he wanted a break. She kept pushing for them to be together, even attempted to learn how to cook. He still wasn’t happy. He tried the “This isn’t working out…” speech but she wouldn’t hear no parts of it. Finally, he stopped trying to be Mr. Nice Guy and started cheating on her left and right, with the intention of getting caught. He did. They broke up. He’s goes down in the books as a Punk Ass Punk.


Second Runner Up: He loves his girl but hates most things about her but is too afraid to get back in the dating pool. He picks fights and even gets her family involved but it backfires because they know he makes a gang of money and they automatically side with him in hopes he’ll finally marry their daughter. One argument got so heated he was sure she was done with him. Instead, she took it on the chin and splurged on a spur of the minute week-long vacation. She ain’t going no-w-h-e-r-e!


Third Place Finisher: Young dude with an older girlfriend. She nags him crazy like a mother. Tells him his career choice sucks, leaves brochures for grad school on his desk. It kills his burgeoning man-hood but he says nothing. They’ve been together for 1 ½ years. He’s wanted to break up with her for the past 8 months. Last week she brought up them having kids.


If you are a punk or have punk tendencies, do yourself and the women who date you a favor…man up!

—Says the Single Girl

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  • GuywithGlasses

    1. Tell us why you mad son?

    2. No need to trivialize mens feelings by saying our reasoning for breaking up with chicks are invalid. I’ve personally seen plenty of relationships that started off well, until some drama happened, and we find out our girlfriend is crazier than a run over dog. That, madame, happens more than you think.

    3. “They don’t really care about hurting your feelings; they care more about you hating them” — this an interesting concept that might have some basis in truth.

    ok continue on…

  • U-Town

    Honorable mention: He meets a chick. She’s cool, but he’s not sure he wants a relationship. She introduces him to others as her friend. Then things start to change. She starts behaving like they’re in a relationship, but it’s not official. He starts bringing up other chicks, “because we’re friends, right?” Relationship averted. Whew.

  • Paul Cantor

    U-Town hit the nail on the head. That’s me in a nutshell.

  • Glad that you can admit that, Paul Cantor… Proves this post 100 percent correct.

  • Convinced

    I am convinced this post is written by a man. WONDERFUL insight, but I fail to believe this is a woman.

  • Steely D

    Says the single girl is definitely…a girl. We swear.

  • RaffBk

    Whoa… easy on the hate. Granted men don’t like to break up with women. But its not for all the reason(s) stated above.
    To borrow a line from Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” …. “You Can’t Handle the Truth!!!!” Often times women don’t understand, that maybe the relationship isnt working and its a woman’s fault…. Wow, what a concept the chick being the issue for a relationship not going well? Ladies, You’re not perfect… Trust! Case in point… Dude from Case 1.. why is he the punk ass? She’s a Grade A dumb ass for staying. He tried to do the right thing, but she got psycho on him… and sometimes its not worth some chick stalking and calling and camping out and doing drive-bys at the crib… (and there’s not ONE woman who can tell me they haven’t done a drive-by or a walk-by for the vehicle-ly challenged.)

    BTW… while its not a desireable position to be in, a man will put up with a chick hating him if he can truly get rid of her. big deal!!!! Believe me, if a dude was able to get that chick, he can get another. Besides, to borrow another line, this time from Chris Rock…. aint no pu**y better than new pu**y.

  • Enojav

    It doesn’t take a genius to know when the relationship is over. Men will show you, before they will tell you when the relationship is over. She is just in denial.

    Women’s intuition is never wrong. Just let it go.


  • Reney

    I really agree with ENOVAJ, when a relationship is over the writing is allover the wall in bright colors, every language and huge lettering. If YOU choose not to see it than you’ve only wasted your own time. I personally don’t think it has anything to do with how a man or woman decides that your not the one anymore, the bottome line is that this message is clear in actions and not so much words; and we all know the timeless saying “actions speak louder than words.”

  • Rick James

    shit i have no problem telling you shit is not working.