Afternoon Tea 9.29.08

No no, give it to the child… that’s what Heath Ledger’s family said when they decided to give Heath’s entire estate (granted to them in his will) to his daughter, Matilda Rose. {People}
The Somali pirates’ most recently reported conquest was seizing tanks and weapons from a Ukrainian ship.  Now they’re surrounded by warships, one of which is from Russia and another from the US.  Tisk, tisk tisk.  {BBC}
Does anyone care that Scarlet Johansson and Ryan Reynolds got hitched this weekend? [NYP]
As stocks are on the skid again, Citigroup is set to scoop up Wachovia’s banking operations for $2.2 Million. Meanwhile, Citi’s also doing their part to help the market restore itself, like pledging to slash it’s quarterly dividend to 16 cents a share. {CNN}
Remember those tourists that got snatched in Egypt? They’ve been released…and now one of them can right the best screenplay ever if he/she’s smart. {Al Jazeera}

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  • Ily Mac

    Re; Heath Ledger~ Yay for a family not acting a damn ass fool after the bread winner tragically passes. I still can’t beleive he’s dead. So sad….

    Re; The Reynold’s Nuptials~ Not even a littlt bit…