Andre 3000 Gives Us Benjamin Bixby

One of the most stylish, and talented men in the game, Andre “3000” Benjamin (pictured with Simon Doonan) debuted his clothing line, Benjamin Bixby at Barneys recently. Me loves! It’s like the entire Idlewild film on mannequins (no really, the clothes in that flick were bananas) but updated with firm touches of modernity. Inspired by 1930’s collegiate football documentaries and his southern roots, Dre launched it during fashion week last month but we were too bust recovering from our run-in with Andre Leon Talley and let this one slip through our little fingers. Of course, the line is available on With polos starting at $95 and sweaters starting at $275, one is expecting the finest quality, so let’s see what happens when we visit the store. I’m getting a bit of Polo Ralph Lauren in a touch of Rogan. Thoughts? Check out the rest below.

Thanks Woohah!

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  • Dope shit. Too rich for my blood, tho. I guess he’s officially done with his space age jaunt.

  • Heidi Bergeron

    I work for the Elizabethan Gallery in Baton Rouge Louisiana. One of my clients Jay Tweezy at our local station made a comment about no one doing Hip Hop art here in town.

    I mentioned it to an artist going to SouthEastern here in town and he produced 2 images one of Andre 3000 and one of Lil Wayne.

    They are Great! and wish someone would come and look at them from your camp. I know you would love it! It is a 30 x4O painting Sincerely Heidi Bergeron
    The Elizabethan Gallery
    680 Jefferon HWy.
    Baton ROuge La. 70806