Curly or Straight?

How do you usually wear your locks? If your hair is curly, do you straighten it for job interviews? What about dates with a gentleman you’re really interested in? Do you straighten it then? Latina breaks down curly vs. straight hair using the twins pictured, Mariel (l) and Maziel (r), of Dominican descent. .“Over the years, Mariel has had to get used to comments from her family like pajonua or monua (someone with rowdy or unmanageable hair). Meanwhile, her identical twin sister Maziel, a school teacher in New York who has exactly the same hair texture, wears her hair bone straight. The way they are perceived by society, family, friends and the opposite sex is dramatically different. “I’ve had plenty of men—mostly black and Latino—ask me why I don’t make my hair straight like my sister’s cause they think it looks better,” says Mariel.”
What do you think your hair says about you?
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  • Hair can be such an emotionally charged topic in our community. Folks will judge how down you are or how much of a sell out you are off of your coif. I did this myself until high school.

    Though I loved my curly hair I was taught that ‘good hair’ is long and silky straight. That to get a job, it’s best wear it straight. And so I followed those rules until the end of high school when I realized that I prefer my natural curl and really don’t care what anyone, potential employers, family,lovers,anyone, thought about it.

    I like how I look with it straight but it just not me, y’know. So ever since I’ve been arguing with my mom (“you have an interview, why you don’t straighten it?”) and various friends and family. The funny thing is some people assume that now I’m some kind of Black Panther, super militant, kill whitey woman. Hair is not a political statement for me on either side. It’s just another thing that makes me me.

  • Moochie

    I LOVE my curly hair and prefer not to wear it straight because it represents exactly who I am: difficult, unruly, all over the place, fun, soft and full of curves ;0 )

  • jbaker

    i can’t make my mind up. curly this week, last week it was a classic dominican blowout! that is the beauty of beauty!!!

  • I wear my hair natural, and I have no problem with women who want to wear straight hair, but I think they should stop to consider why they do so. And concerning the comments about changing hair for a job interview, I think you should present yourself as your going to be on a normal work day. Also if you are always making changes for your job or for other ppl where do you draw the line ? It is about pleasing yourself.

  • And how is it your curls bounce back after a blowout? I know those Dominican dryers are HOT! My curls would start to die after a few visits.