Kanye, You Remind Me of Something…

Hmmmm. So while visiting my (as of late) nightly ritual of dinner, writing, pot and gossip blogs, I came across some images of celebs at the Marc Jacobs show last night here in NYC. Knowing that Kanye and I have had an intervention before, my heart dropped when I saw this flick. But then, a lightbulb went off in my head, and it sounded like…

Billy Ocean!!! That hair, that jacket, that swagger! I think ‘Ye has been rocking that jam, “Caribbean Queen” on his iPod like me. I live for Billy…he’s sooo great, the best thing that Trinidad could have ever given us..save for roti, doubles and steelpan. Don’t you love it?

Thanks Fresh!


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  • Moochie

    ‘nightly ritual of dinner, writing, pot and gossip blogs’ HEY!! Thats my ritual…except remove the writing.. lol

  • oh shit. that is hilarious! Kanye as Billy Ocean..
    I love it!

  • miss T

    Lol…..Kanye i love you but i’m going to co-sign on this :)))))))

    Billy Ocean *on the floor*

  • Zabba

    Billy Ocean looks WWWWAAAAAYYYY cooler, I mean Kanye looks like he is trying to hard. And shit u must have never had a good roti, or double. And Listen to steelpan live in the pan yard with everyone having drinks and getting on bad.

  • jbaker

    after “liming” in T&T recently, i am a new spokesperson for pumpkin and mango bussup-shots and doubles (slight pepper)…but nothing does me better than MR. OCEAN!!!

  • Zabba

    Thats what I’m talking about jbaker.

  • Zabba

    shit I just noticed you said “liming” you funny

  • i thought you were going to say jerry lewis in the nutty professor.