Morning Coffee 9.2.08

Halle Berry took a trip to the zoo with one of the cutest babies alive, hers Nahla. Berry even showed a new piece of jewelry that looks like an engagement ring… [EWise] .
Hurricane Gustav beat up the Gulf Coast this weekend, except this time Republicans- who postponed the Republican National Convention in sensitivity to the national crisis– and even US President Bush took notice. All but 10,000 natives evacated the NO according to reports and the levees seemed to have held up. But like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I expect that we’ll find out the minority truth a few days from now. [BBC] [NYT]

Speaking of Republicans, Republican VP hopeful Palin is going to be a grandmother. Her teen daughter announced that she is pregnant and then McCain’s released a press statement saying that she is keeping the baby. My question is whether the young Palin really wanted to keep her child or whether she had to sacrifice her freedom for her mother’s political career? Thoughts? [DP]

Do you like these MJ purple boots? Are you ready for the madness that will be fall fashion shopping??? [SB]

Kanye met Obama and afterwards Oprah, Mary J Blige, Forrest Whitaker each talk about Obama’s DNC speech. [Ye] [ATCN]

It’s officially September. This year is almost over ladies, so start pricing/buying those Thanksgiving and Holiday plane tickets NOW. Also, it’s NYC fall fashion week in a few so hopefully we’ll see some nice trends to hip you to as the week continues…

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    Isn’t it ironic the teenage daughter of a Governor who supports “abstinence-only” education in schools is 5 months pregnant during her senior year of highschool?

    Her pregnancy should be an obvious indicator to most Conservative groups that maybe “abstinence-only” education is not the end all answer to teen pregnancy. Let me first of start by saying that I am really happy that Gov Palin’s daughter is surrounded by a really supportive family and that with her family and the father’s help I am sure they will manage being parents. But, what about all the girls out there who don’t have the luxury of family support? Who are out there having unsafe sex because they don’t have access to contraceptives? Or were not educated on the proper use? I am not an advocator of teens having sex… but I am also not ignorant to the fact that they are. We have to teach our children how to protect themselves. Weren’t those HIV/AIDS statistics that came out last month startling enough?

    Do you remember when Britney Spears little sister was pregnant? All over the media, Jamie Lynn Spears was painted as a bad influence… and how she was going to corrupt the minds of the youth. Or, when TIME magazine broke the story about the “pregnancy pact” in a small town Massachusetts high school. Is Gov Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy any different? Where is the moral outrage now?

    I am also a little shocked on how everyone is saying that the media should stay out of the governor’s family life. My question to Gov Palin is, didn’t you realize from the first day you decided to run for a political office and especially now as McCain’s running mate that every aspect of your family life… whether its your 17 year old’s love life…. to the fact that your husband has been arrested for 2 DWI’s over the last few years will be scrutinized by the public?

    Oh and Gov Palin my advice to you… is to start talking to the rest of your daughters about sex. Teach them not only to be abstinent but if they ever do decide to have sex that they have it safely…

    But hey that’s just my 2 cents….