Morning Coffee 9.25.08

**Disclaimer: American Psycho is one of my favorite films** That said, even though it’s re-emergence sounds ridiculously timely due to the stock exchange’s ills and Wall Street running red with I banker blood and all, I dont know how well this film would translate to Broadway. [EW]

Kanye’s album is now dropping in November- according to him. I know you’re excited because you love “Love Lockdown!” [MTV] .

Bill Climpon to my Outkast fans Clinton finally gave Obama some real compliments and encouragement on The Daily Show recently. **Insert sarcastic quip here** [Gawker] .

John McCain doesn’t want to debate on Friday, Barack Obama says it’s still happening. Who are we to believe? And why does McCain want to skip Friday? Hm… [BBC]

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    McCain wants to push back the debate on Friday… so he can conveniently… push back Palin Biden VP debate. Did you see her Katie Couric interview? She’s not ready to debate Biden…