• virgovida

    DO U LOVE IT!!!! thank GOD that they made a movie about them. LOGO was completely crazy for not renewing them. without girlfriends, soul food, or the wire, i’ve resorted to watching martin re runs on tv one! lmao.

  • GuywithGlasses

    [no homo preface]
    I saw 2 episode of this foolishness, and lawd strike me down if i’m wrong, but it was the most dramatic tomfoolery I’ve ever seen. It was so extra and queenish, I couldn’t help but laugh mouth agape the whole episode.

    in the words of the sage wendy williams “how you doinnn?”

    [/end no homo]

  • jbaker

    GWG- didn’t we discuss no-homo before?

  • GuywithGlasses

    yup, thats why its still funny. its the i’m mocking the ridiculousness of no homo, but responding with a satirical no-homo.

    hopefully jay smooth would approve. lol.