“Notorious” Trailer

Are you going to see the Biggie movie- Notorious? Before you hate, Angela “Get Yo’ Shit and Get OUT” Bassett is playing Big’s mom, Voletta. Thoughts?

PS. click the link, it’s funny. I promise. Thanks OS.

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  • GuywithGlasses

    i’m reserving judgement until I see more, because I have high hopes for this one and really want it to be good.

    If done wrong it could be worse than Too Legit: The MC Hammer story, and I’d be pissed

  • Oh no! Not Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story!!! At least this one is going to theaters. VH-1 movies don’t count!!! But seriously… I am looking forward to seeing the finished product after having to move my car on numerous occasions so that they can film scenes in what was formerly known as Bed-Stuy (my how times have changed). Not sure how I feel about Angie Bassett playing Ms. Wallace. I wish she could get better roles. I feel like she’s playing Trey Styles mom pt. 2.