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R. Kelly: “You Shouldn’t Be Found Guilty for Being Found Innocent.”

This was Kelly’s BET interview that ran last night…thoughts?

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  • jbaker

    i’m gonna read the transcript later, but one observation: How fabulous is that hairline??? So perfect! Haaaay.

  • amelda

    uh… i’m scared for the children in Africa. Toure’s good but i wanted him to go in. for example: “if that wasn’t you on the sex tape, then who was it?”
    and the last question, shoulda been, “so this, you being accused of sexual abuse with minors, will not happen again, no?” or how about, “do you condone men who deal sexually with minors?” “did you see the sex tape?”

    last thought: R. Kelly looks like Avant. And um, R-uh looked good as hell in that video. (I;m ashamed that crossed my mind.) glad the cornrows are finally gone.)

  • krankin

    Wow. Peep how he never really answers the questions about whether or not he likes to screw children—or the question about whether or not it will ever happen again. He basically said he will only keep people around him who are not snitches. Crazy.

  • jbaker

    ok, now i just actually watched it. Am I the only one waiting for Toure to jump in his lap? It’s a shame when the ladies of “The View” go in better than this! FLUFF.

  • Steely D

    Man, can he at least talk about the album? is it coming out? when’s the next video? anything? this interview didn’t talk about…anything really. but somehow it’s over 15 mins long. how did this happen?

  • GuywithGlasses

    thats not a real line up. He has that spray in stuff. Me and my peoples call it a “philly fade”.

  • GWG, that’s what i call it too (referring to the philly fade). see how i totally ignored the rest of that niggativity that is r.kelly? i’m sorry. i wasn’t even half-way curious to hear what he had to say. i mean, really, what could he possibly say after all of these years and after that mockery that was supposed to be a trial? i’m done. for real. i just wanted to see what other people had to say. oh yeah, and now that the cornrows are gone, is the eye patch gone too or is he just gonna switch eyes? HA!

  • Is it just me, or did he sound really dumb? Like the idea that he cannot read past a 3rd grade level did not seem too far fetched. This entire interview felt like a skit on the Dave Chapelle Show. Simply hilarious. The camera shots.. Toure’s facial expressions.. the wack ass set. Total package was a joke. I learned nothing new.