Skin Bleaching…in 2008?


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  • our (women of color) issues with color are deep and complex. on one hand society lauds light/bright women as the standard of beauty leaving our brown-skin and dark chocolate sistas out in the cold. one the other hand,us light brights often grow up hearing how ugly and pale our skin is and spend the rest of our lives chasing the sun-kissed look.

    and we pass it on to our kids, sometimes intentionally. sometimes they pick it up from our behavior and off-hand comments. it’s a shame but in a world always looking to identify who’s better/faster/prettier/stronger it hard to avoid.

  • Enojav

    Its called SELF esteem, the esteem of one’s self. These women need to get some.


  • it would be nice to think that self-esteem is innate but it is not. it is fostered, developed, and encouraged and obviously there are people that were not.

    that woman was worried that her son’s are too dark but really, doesn’t she realize that black men are profiled, no matter what their skin tone? and if she was so concerned, i wonder if she considered having children with a white man so they’d hypothetically come out naturally lighter. damn.

    well, i’m happy that tyra was honest about not being able to sway that woman’s opinion. it would be extremely far-fetched to think that that mother’s mind would be changed so easily. the woman obviously thinks that light (closer to white) is better so would she have heeded the advice of a white woman? did that woman dismiss what tyra said because she felt that tyra had gotten as far as she did because of her complexion? it’s not nearly as black or white as we’d thought.

    truth be told, according to the industry, none of us come out right. we need to be tweaked one oway or another. we’re too much of this and not enough of that. that’s why i really appreciate and support dove’s campaign for natural beauty.