State Property Reunion- Yeah, That’s Right

So last night at New York’s venue S.O.B.’s State Property, a collection of fallen soldiers left behind by Jay and Dame Dash’s Roc-A-Fella break-up, reunited on stage. I think it’s interesting because these dudes have suffered infighting (folks not calling Beans while he was in jail…), bad albums (Beans’ last joint), ignored albums (Free’s last joint…) and wasted talent (can anyone say Peedi Peedi?)- but they are still trying. That’s got to count for something right? Anyway, here’s their best song EVER– technically it’s Free’s song but who’s line is it anyway?!? You know you like it.

Thanks Eskay.

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  • GuywithGlasses

    Freeway – What we do = Best State Property/Rocafella track

    1-900-hustlers comes in a close second, but flipside ain’t even top 5.

  • Steely D

    Though both of the tracks you mention rock, especially “1 900 Hustler,” I believe you say this because: u. don’t. club. NYC club standards…Michael Jackson, anything by Jay and Free’s Flipside- hands down. Hell, they played it last night at Tenjune! (lol)

  • GuywithGlasses

    Oh if we’re talking Club tracks, i’ll give it some “top 5 rocafella club tracks I can Harlem Shake to” love.

    On second thought, pound for pound memphis bleek might have had the best club hits on the roc (excluding jay) “mind right, is that yo chick, do my”. I definitely remember grinding up on some puerto rican chicks to those joints. I dunno why but they used to love some bleek. lol.

  • jbaker

    Am I the only one who wants to nominate Freeway for the “Looks just like a Black Papa Smurf” Award? I just wanna hug em! Cosign on “What We Do”…still bangs.

  • Nic

    “And yes, this is Philly! You welcomed to come check us!” I heart this song 🙂