The Shop: First Impressions…

As you know, first impressions are everything. But who said a first impression should fade? So as this new season unfolds and we begin new journeys, be sure to dress to impress—here are some pieces that the world will never forget. Also, I threw in my fall theme song (an oldie-but-goodie) to give you a little motivation…

– JBaker

1) Zero Maria Cornejo | Foil Dress | $892 | La Garçonne

2) Poison Oval Ring | $24 | Urban Outfitters

3) Lipstick Queen in Saint Red | Poppy King | $18 | Lyell/Refinery 29

4) Stone embellished cuff | Celestina | $1,810 | Net-A-Porter

5) Camden Peep-Toe | L.A.M.B. | $434 | Zappos Couture

6) Boogie Bucket Handbag | Tano | $199 | MustHaveBag

*Parlour Note: I’ve had this bag for 4+ years, it is a MUST HAVE!

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  • CeCe

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Lipstick Queen!!!!!!
    If you have not try it – its a must!
    The lipsticks are amazing and their newest launch I stumbled across during fashion week – Medieval FAB!