Would You Wear This?

Apparently outside of half tops (have you started those sit-ups yet?) for new Spring ’09 fashion, we are also returning to jumpsuits as the look of the moment. You can thank my boyfriend, Marc Jacobs. And can I tell you a secret? A friend and I were discussing what things have “jumped the shark” and I’m afraid that MJ may be on his way. Why?
I met Jbakes at a dive bar in the Village last week and I was rocking one of my MJ bags with a necklace…by MJ (We’ve discussed this, I’m an MJ whore) and the bouncer and a girl smoking a cigarette out front asked if I worked at the MJ store. Weird? Then, even weirder, they were each crestfallen when I told them I was just a fan of his work. “I thought I was going to have a friend in Marc Jacobs,” quipped the bouncer. “I love Marc Jacobs,” said smoking girl, as she tilted her head to the side wistfully. Neither were very fashionable. Hm…thoughts?

Thanks CS

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  • DeanieBabie

    Wow- fashion trends do come full circle! Which means I can go steel one of my grandma’s nylon/spandex (on size fits most) belts with the bejeweled buckle so when I do purchase a jumpsuit (cause YES I’D WEAR THEM =)…I’ll come correct (just so long as they leave them darn shoulder pads out of the equation!)
    But jumpsuits aren’t for everyone-and maybe not even- cause having all legs and no torso practically- jumpsuits often have waistlines that end in the middl of my rear instead of my actuall waist- I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that are some out there for us long legged creatures =

  • Nic

    Love jumpsuits: check out the new convertible jumpsuit by moi – http://www.nicfishwomenswear.blogspot.com

  • Steely D

    nice nic- i like the cream jumpsuit and the animal mahogany dress. ;0)

  • jbaker

    Steely, im sorry to say this but you TOTALLY look like you could work for Marc Jacobs, lol!!