Banana- Want One? Well, You Can’t If You’re in Japan…

What’s the craziest diet you’ve ever heard of? Well, this morning Lyani hipped me to the Morning Banana Diet that’s robbing Japan of all of it’s banana stocks. I’m serious, folks are probably selling them on the black market RIGHT NOW. It’s a recession.

A pharmacist wrote a book- which has sold almost 800,000 copies- about how her husband ate as many bananas as he liked for breakfast, whatever he wanted for lunch and dinner and went to sleep by 12 midnight and lost 37 Lbs in the process. Then an actress on a TV show did the Morning Banana Diet, lost madd weight and the regiment became the newest trend. Now, folks can’t buy a banana to save their life. If I didn’t hate bananas, (the consistency, I can’t do it) I might think about it. Fruit for breakfast isn’t so bad…

Japan Goes Bananas For New Diet

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