Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

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  • Ms G.

    I was so disappointed by Beyonce in this video. I would have much rather seen a video with content (ala Like A Boy) as opposed to Bey shaking her ass through the whole song. I guess she did one song for the ladies and another for the fellas.

  • jbaker

    I like it for the simple fact that it is stripped down, has great lighting and she manages to pay a nice homage to Tina Turner a la’ “Proud Mary.” I don’t think the song really deserves anything super serious. This one is for the clubs.

  • Moochie

    Still reminds me of a double dutch song: 1, 2, 3: If u like then u shoulda put a ring on it…repeat till the rope hits ure feet…

  • nice showcase of her dancing ability but otherwise boooorrinng.

  • Yea. Typical B.. A lot of smiles.. booty shaking.. none else. I was pretty impressed with the Like a Boy video–for the simple fact that it was something different. Then she takes us right back to what she does best..
    SMH.. oh well. What should I expect anyway.

  • Shameeka

    I loved this video. Anyone that has danced in their life knows how hard this dance would be to do in one take. Can you say endurance?! I love her softer videos as well. Beyonce is showing that she can do everything…..isn’t that what women do anyway….EVERYTHING! We got the power! LOL!