Don’t Get Mad…Get Burger

Sometimes, after a long day…you need a little Burger in your life to let people know just how you feel. Boss getting on your nerves? Give them some Burger. Girlfriend showing her ass? Throw some Burger her way. On days like this, Burger is saying a whole lot for all of us. So ladies, don’t get mad….get Burger.

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  • GuywithGlasses

    i have dreams about waking up with this cat on my pillow looking at me.

  • aileezee

    Mmmkay, true story. My little kitteh Vashti was sitting on my lap the whole time I was watching Whoopi on YouTube talkin cash shit about Sarah Palin. Just purring away. Secretly, she was saying “Go ‘head Whoopi, tell it girl.” As soon as Burger starts yappin Vashti was out. Gone. Ghost. She’s a lady dammit and whatever Burger was saying was offending her feline sensibilities. But she would still let Burger hit it.