DROOL::: New Blackberry Storm

I want this…badly.

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  • GuywithGlasses

    love the sam sparro soundtrack playing.

    all the gadget geeks are saying the touchscreen on the Blackberry storm/thunder doesn’t function like most touchscreen phones in that the screen doesn’t predict your actions, but makes you press the screen hard to give commands. Its caught between the pragmatism of the older blackberry and the sexiness of the iphone.

  • jbaker

    i’ll wait for the javelin…yawn.

  • GuywithGlasses

    the phone to cop if you got balla money – Nokia N96

    its a gamechanger

  • Angela

    I wanted it badly too and guess what, it sucks. Usability is nil.

  • jbaker

    I ended up getting a Bold…and i LOVE IT!!!