Election Fatigue

Is it November 5th, yet?! I don’t know about y’all, but this election is wearing me out. Between the (awful) debates, the (hilarious) SNL skits and the (annoying) talking heads and campaign spin artists, I’m ready for this thing to be O-V-E-R, over.

I’m so ready, I compiled this list of The Top Ten Things I Never Want to Hear/Read/Say Again. Now I’m too much of a lefty to say we should ban then, but let’s retire them from the lexicon, shall we? (At least for the next four years.) Here goes:

10. Bridge to nowhere

9. Battleground states

8. “The surge is working.”

7. Game-changer

6. Bailout (also, financial crisis)

5. Pitbull + Lipstick = Hockey Mom

4. Un-American (ie: doesn’t wear a flag pin)

3. Maverick

2. Hopemonger

1. President George “Dubbya” Bush


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  • Van

    I’m with you! I can not wait until it is all over. I must say that this election has caused me to pay close attention to politics as I had never done before. But yes, enough is enough 🙂

  • Derek

    How’s about we add “reform” and “reformer” to that there list? And I’ll be forced to go live in a cave if “Joe the Plumber” comes to replace the already god-awful “Joe Sixpack” in the American political lexicon.

  • Bethany Lewis

    Can we add “reach across the aisle” to this list?? If I hear it one more time I’m going to reach out and slap someone.

  • Diane

    Please add: ‘My friends…’ ‘you betcha’ and any/all references to percents, job numbers, and other economic fallacies…

    I voted. I get to find out if the vote got counted on 11/18. HA HA HA

    I can now hang up on whomever rings me up – since an unlisted number means nothing…

    I can trash all the emails coming my way from friends. I can run to the kitchen during sniping commercials (you should see the stuff flying down these parts, Liddy is being bad, the Govs. are awful…)

    It’s nice to be done with the process – and two pages of fill in the circles (SAT de ja vu).

    Has this been mentioned? If not: the ‘vote by party’ item has now moved on ballots. It is UNDER the Presidential box – so for those used to voting the party line – if you do this this time, you’ll NOT BE VOTING FOR PRESIDENT. Make sure you fill in the Presidential item AND then the vote party line box.

  • You are spot on, K I’m so over any moniker with Joe, ‘also’, pro-abortion, and pro-America.

  • Tahad

    Give me Liberty or Death. that’s my motto. I can care less about this government. this election has turned into a citcom game show. We rush home to flop in front the T.V with the soda pop and snacks, in full throttle of anxiety hoping for the best some for the worst. This is the cause of these redoubtable feelings; in extreme cases smoke a healthy blunt relax and laugh it off. Its Politrix.

  • Julie

    Guess what folks, I just came back from Africa (yap, the continent), and ya know what… they have pics and “vote for Obama” or rather “Obama is” (literal translation from Swahili, I guess) posters on local buses, mud-huts and fruit stands in the middle-of- nowhere villages. No running water, food is scares, but Obama posters are there, everywhere. Not to say it is bad, but it is very curious… The world is watching…and the world wants Obama (I do too, but that is not the point)!
    So, my fraise of the day that i’m tired of is “Obama is”.