Presidential Cabbage Patch

True story, although she would never admit it, my mother straight BODIED a woman at Toys R’ US in the eighties to get me a Black Cabbage Patch Kid doll when they came out. That’s real love. Hence my enthusiasm for the Obama CBK doll…I wonder what his birth certificate say—remember how they come with the dolls? They are being auctioned off today for charity on ebay. PS. Don’t you suddenly want a Michelle one too? No wait, I want a Michelle Obama Barbie dammit.

Lol at Sarah Palin’s CBK cankles!

Thanks PopBytes!

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  • amelda

    hilarious. look at the ears on the obama doll. Too cute. (and my mother bodied some folk too. i didn’t know what the hell a cabbage patch was but my mother was determined i have a BLACK one on Christmas morning.)

  • I have created a page dedicated to these gorgeous dolls. What do you think they’re going to sell for? Please visit my page at and vote!


  • Ily Mac

    I want one =0)!!!

  • ariel

    toooooo cute…love them…lol…their smiles crack me up…toooooo funny…who ever came up with this idea with the cabbage patch kids are genious…lol…i want one…lol