“The View” on Sarah Palin and Hasselbeck Gets Booed (finally…)

OK, I’ve long said that “The View” is my 40 year-old self’s wet dream but yesterday, my not so fave host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, got booed for her views on Sarah Palin. **Remembered loosely**

Barbara Walters: “How is Sarah Palin qualified for the presidency?”

Hasselbeck: “Well, since I’ve been preparing for this test my whole life- how is Barack Obama qualified?”

Hm. Thoughts?

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  • I really abhor that girl. She can’t control her emotions, she sounds foolish, and I’m so sick and tired of people countering with “what experience does Barack Obama have,” when asked “what experience does Sarah Palin have?” I know they keep Elisabeth on the show for the ratings, but at times like this I really miss Lisa Ling. I’d rather seeing ditzy Debbie Matanapoulous (sp), then Elisabeth. That girl just irks sometimes, like do you really believe what you’re saying. And if you do, I feel sorry for your children. But I’m glad Whoopi is there to get her into shape, if only for a second!