Afternoon Tea 11.24.08

Blog of Hilarity posted nine of the most disturbingly misogynistic print ads in history and I must say that I was quite disturbed.  [Blog of Hilarity via Jezebel]
Our economy is the pits and Walgreens debuts the largest billboard in American history in Times Square.  This is in support of the retailer’s return to NYC after years of growth in other markets. The last time they opened doors in NYC: 1928, the day before Black Monday–only a few days before the stock market crashed. What irony!  [Ad Age]
Miss Info, Angela Yee, Claudia Jordan, Luscious Liz are just a few of the female radio DJs listed amongst Complex magazine’s “Hottest Hip Hop Gossip Girls.” Guys are encouraged to vote on their faves–with the winner getting… well, nothing. Just recognition I suppose. I think it’s time for us to flip the script and search for some of the hottest MEN in radio. Can we find any?  [Complex]
Between the t-shirts, buttons, hats, calendars, magazines and newspapers, consumers have already spent an estimated $200 million on Obamabilia–a full two months before he is even sworn into office.  Well isn’t that something!   [New York Times]

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  • Yeah, I just saw the ads on Blog of Hilarity. They are insane. Especially the last one.

    I love your blog, btw. I am adding you to my blogroll.