Beyoncé as…Wonder Woman?

Here’s a little known fact that I heard through the grapevine; Wonder Woman was originally drawn as an Amazon. Know what that means? The comic book hero, and DVF’s patron saint, was brown. That’s right, she’s one of us and now Beyoncé is in talks to play the superhero in an updated film. Thoughts? PLUS- did you ever listen to Beyoncé’s new album, I Am…Sasha Fierce? If not, HERE YOU GO!

Beyoncé Wants To Be ‘Wonder Woman,’ Meets With DC/Warner Bros.

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  • Guywithglasses

    Paula Patton > Beyonce

  • ummm, no. just about anyone else would be better. granted, she has the body for it but she cannot act. period. and as for casting beyonce so she could further crack the glass ceiling, it’s already been broken in this situation. linda carter, who played wonder woman on tv, is mexican. vivan las morenas!