Cover Love: Michelle Obama

US first lady (elect?) Michelle Obama hits the cover of Newsweek on Dec. 1. The story is about how minority now view themselves with her in the spotlight. I don’t know about you, but I definitely see a trend of Claire Huxtables on the way. Funny story, I went to Plies’ listening last night and he called one of the women in his camp his ‘Michelle.’ Mark my words ladies, get it together, and if you’ve already got it together, keep it there. We all need a Barack so we must be prepared. **Wink** Thoughts?

Black women see bits and pieces of themselves in Michelle Obama

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  • Ily Mac

    MICHELLE OBAMA 2016 =0)!!! She’s just the role model all black women need to see right now. Not that there aren’t others out there. But to see one in the highest office in the land with her boo, what?!!? Simply amazing. This is the kind of black love that needs to be on blast…

  • Andean B.

    Yes! I love, love, love Michelle! She is absolutely the well overdue comeback to Claire Huxtable! The kicker is that she is not just some arm piece Obama chose for image- she is her own educated women, and I’m glad that to know that it will be her pillow talk influencing handling of this country. ( I don’t even think I heard McCains blow-up doll speak…but I digress)
    And yes indeed..for all of us seeking or own Obama’s we must meet the bar…a guy i’m seeing says his friends won’t even consider women without at least a bachelors (seemed harsh at first but hey, you must posses the qualities yourself that you seek in a mate)