JBaker Voted…Did You?

SO, after waiting in line for a little under an hour, dealing with elderly folks trying to cut (i don’t care if you are 80..no cutting) and the subtle paranoia that something was going to go wrong, I finally voted! It was fabulous, after switching my lever, I just stood there and damm near cried. But then I remembered that I had just rolled out of bed looking a WRECK and tears would just make me look crack-ish…so I broke out a big smile and walked out. What was your voting experience like? Was it everything you imagined it to be? Did you remember for your local elections as well?

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  • finkies

    I woke up early so I get my VOTE for BARACK in early — everything went well, the line wasn’t too bad (though it had quadrupled by the time I left) — my only complaint was that the lil’ old lady manning the table/booth was rushing me, and everyone, for that matter. I understand people don’t want to be late for work or whatnot, but I needed some time to take it all in… we are making history!

  • Moochie

    The VA polls opened at 6am – I was in LINE at 5:15am. Tho the line was a good 40ppl deep when I got there, by the time I left about an hour later the line was at least 2 blocks. No craziness – everyone was in really good spirits.