‘Making Friends with Black People’ Sets Trend of More to Come…

Girlfriends creator and executive producer Mara Brock Akil and her husband Samil Akil have just signed on to write and executive produce the upcoming NBC sitcom Making Friends with Black People. The show is based on the book by the same name, written by comedian Nick Adams, addressing the issue of race relations in America.

Well well, I must say that between this and the debacle of a “news show” DL Hugley Breaks the News, I am noticing a sudden interest in the media industry to dig into the interests and psyche of Black America. Whether shows like this would have been green lit 5 years ago–or even a year ago, I seriously doubt.

It’s certainly a direct reflection of President Elect Obama’s appointment to office. Overall I have mixed emotions about it. Finally–the untold stories of a diverse America may finally have an easier chance to be seen on screen. But on the filpside–will we (as in filmmakers, studio execs, producers, sponsors, etc..) use this open opportunity wisely? DL’s show brings out the pessimist in me. Hopefully this new NBC show will only prove me wrong and we can openly and intelligently have a conversation about race in an effort to make it less of an issue in the years to come.

Your thoughts? What are the images or stories that you are dying to see on the big (or small) screen? Will Barack’s presidency make it easier or more difficult to increase diversity in media?

[source: Martini Pink]

More information on Nick Adams’ ‘Making Friends with Black People’: Amazon

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  • i’d love to see the color issue explored. light skinned v dark skinned folks. our issues with each other in the black community (and latino). if/how white folks feel/react to black folk of varying shades. i’m sure obama’s light skin triggers some type of reaction among both blacks & whites.

  • Mahogs

    mmm…I love it. The issue of skin tone is one that speaks volumes in various cultures across the globe.

  • i hear you on the issue of skin tone but is mainstream media really the forum? aren’t you afraid that it would just be yet another tool that “the man” uses against us? shouldn’t we figure that out a little more before we put it out there on front street? i don’t know. and i hate to sound all mel gibson (conspiracy theory) but some people used the cosby show to demonstrate that whole “what can’t the rest of them pull themselves up by their bootstraps” argument.

  • Mahogs

    I think the skin tone issue is something that if addressed in a cleaver and intelligent way, could be very effective in terms of opening people’s minds on the subliminal racism that exists–not just between blacks and whites, but both within our own race and with people from various cultures around the globe. o

  • I think Barack’s presidency will give many myopic people the chance to at least consider diverse opinions and points of view.
    The fear of change shouldn’t hold anyone back.

    There will never be an ideal forum for painful conversations but I hope with wit and intelligence we can have some entertainment that transcends the Flava Flav & Tyler Perry aesthetic.