Morning Coffee 11.10.08

Alicia Keys walking tall in Berlin…I think I like those shoes…I think. [Jeze]
Closure in the tragic Jennifer Hudson family murder cases? Looks like the William Balfour suspect admitted to his current girlfriend that he was involved in the murders. Pillow talk…hm. [TMZ]
‘Who’s Obama going to pick for his cabinet?’ It was all I heard this weekend…Plus, Obama gets his first look at the Oval Office soon. Still, I’m amazed and thrilled for last Tuesday’s election results. Doesn’t it seem like he’s been Pres-Elect for several weeks instead of just one? [USAT]
It’s the 50th anniversary of Motown- did you know? Well, the Guardian has a nice lil’ multimedia package waiting for you in the link. [G] I need a new fave song…I’m bored musically. Im West Coastin’ this week ladies, burritos and sunshine for EVERYONE!!!

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    Damn that burrito was good too!!