One Last Thing…

Today’s the day! There’s nothing left to do but cast your vote and hope for the best while fighting against the worst. We’re here to help: First, take off or cover up an campaign paraphernalia. Then throw some water, a snack or two, a magazine and maybe a deck of cards in your bag (lines are expected to be on the long side, and making mobile calls in the polling place is illegal in some states). Then print this post and run out to your polling place right now. Then call your family and friends (especially your folks in the swing states) and make sure they’ve done the same. Got your sticker already? Tell us how it went. And remember, now is the time to be a snitch, so keep your eyes open! (And send positive thoughts out into the Universe!)
Election Protection Coalition

Through their hotline (administered by the NAACP, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and more than 60 other partners), this non-partisan organization is providing both real-time advice and collecting voter irregularity information, which will aid with any lawsuits that arise from this election. Call them if you see something fishy, your machine acts a monkey, you see folks being intimidated or you are denied the vote.
1.866.OUR-VOTE (1.866.687.8683)

CNN Voter Hotline
CNN is tracking (and publicizing) voting irregularities nationwide, so call them anytime you are forced to call the BOE or the Election Protection Coalition.

State Board of Elections
Call your state BOE if the machine malfunctions, your vote is recorded incorrectly, or you are denied the vote or pushed to cast a provisional ballot when another option exists.

Alabama: (800) 274-8683
Alaska: (907) 465-4611
American Samoa: (684) 633-2522
Arizona: (602) 542-8683
Arkansas: (800) 482-1127
California: (800) 345-VOTE
Colorado: (303) 894-2200
Connecticut: (860)-256-2940
Delaware: (302) 739-4277
District of Columbia: (202) 727-2525
Florida: (866) 308-6739
Georgia: (404) 656-2871
Guam: (671) 477-9791/2/3
Hawaii: (808) 453-8683
Idaho: (208) 334-2852
Illinois: (217) 782-4141 (Springfield) / (312) 814-6440 (Chicago)
Indiana: (317) 232-3939
Iowa: (515) 281-0145
Kansas (785) 296-4561
Kentucky: (502) 564-3490
Louisiana: (225) 922-0900
Maine: (207) 624-7736
Maryland: (800) 222-8683
Massachusetts: (800) 462-8683
Michigan: (517) 373-2540
Minnesota: (877) 600-8683
Mississippi: (800) 829-6786
Missouri: (800) 669-8683
Montana: (888) 884-8683
Nebraska: (402) 471-2555
Nevada: (775) 684-5705
New Hampshire: (603) 271-3242
New Jersey: (609) 292-3760
New Mexico: (800) 477-3632
New York: (518) 473-5086
North Carolina: (866) 522-4723
North Dakota: (800) 352-0867
Ohio: (877) 767-6446
Oklahoma: (405) 521-2391
Oregon: (503) 986-1518
Pennsylvania: (717) 787-5280
Puerto Rico: (787) 777-8675
Rhode Island: (401) 222-2345
South Carolina: (803) 734-9060
South Dakota: (605) 773-3537
Tennessee: (615) 741-7956
Texas: (800) 252-8683
Utah: (800) 995-8683
Vermont: (802) 828-2464
Virginia: (800) 552-9745
Virgin Islands: (340) 773-1021
Washington: (800) 448-4881
West Virginia: (304) 558-6000
Wisconsin: (608) 266-8005
Wyoming: (307) 777-7186

Happy voting!

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  • With my kids advice ringing in my ear (vote for Obama mommy, he’ll do the right thing, they said so on nickelodeon!) I walked over to their school at 6am and the line was around the block! Everyone was commenting that they’ve never seen a turnout like this. But the line moved fast and the election workers were courteous and helpful. Now to get through this day and get to my election night party where, hopefully, I’ll be celebrating Obama’s win before nights’ end.

  • Diane

    So if McCain cannot win VA or NC – I can sleep, right? And since NC has early closing – we’ll get results (albeit not right to say anything before Hawaii closes…) before 10pm…

    I can only hope us swing states swing the correct way so I can still get my beauty sleep.

    Maybe my provisional/maybe not counted vote will not be needed. If it’s close, wait til you see me on national news with my BOE emails in hand… I’ve already got THAT plan in place.

    Here’s to a brighter tomorrow.

  • Sal

    Hello from Seattle — where my Lebanese/Greek husband just voted for the first time (he was granted citizenship earlier this year, after toiling in the US for 15 years!) I had tears in my eyes seeing him when he got home (I stayed w/baby and will go after i take him to daycare!) My husband woke up early, waited in line and voted.
    They gave him a sticker that says, “I voted!” and he wears it proudly.
    He was glowing from joy, and said, “it felt great.”
    Seeing his face was a reminder of how important it is to exercise our constitutional right as Americans, and I am thrilled about reports that across the nation, people are flocking to the polls. In our polling station, I promised him there wouldn’t be a line – there never is – but today, there was. He got there 15 minutes before the polls opened and there were a dozen people there. Amazing. IT’s a historic day in my family, and in America. Kenrya, it’s so wonderful that you are spending the day volunteering.

  • kenrya

    From Marcia in Cleveland:
    I just voted with no line in University Heights. It was my second attempt—I had to leave before the polls opened this morning.

  • kenrya

    From Toni in Cleveland:
    I’m at the place now 2 vote: I’m next in line!

  • Rashidah

    I woke up the most excited I’ve been in a long time. I went to the polls and was thrilled that the line was down the block. An hour and a half later, I voted and felt very proud to exercise my right. I smiled all the way to work. YES, We Can!

    There are a lot of errors happening. A few people, who were not first time voters, were turned away. I hope they didn’t get discouraged.

    It’s going to be a late night tonight, since my eyes will be glued to the TV!

  • I am so proud of today’s voter turnout. If anyone effn complains about the wait. I will kick your butte. I have never seen this type of turnout in my lifetime. Obama will win tonight. Mark my words. And everyone please don’t expect OBAMA to clean the government overnight. There’s a +8years of calamity to cleanup. Don’t be a fairweather fan.

  • Thanks! Nice post.