Pack Your Bags…

Longer hours at work (who isn’t working harder in this economy?) leads to less sleep, which leads to poor eating habits, which leads to puffy eyes–one beauty horror many of us are plagued with but don’t know quite how to combat. It’s true that a good percentage of undereye bags are hereditary (thanks a lot, dad), but even those folks’ undereye issues get worse as their stress levels increase.

Here are a few tried and true de-puffers…

1. Sleep, sleep, and more sleep (with your head slightly raised…add another pillow to the mix).

2. Kinerase Under Eye Rescue, $75,

3. Chilled tea bags are an old school (and cheap!) remedy.

4. Hemorrhoid Cream (Preparation-H) has been shown to do some major deflating under the eyes. Seriously.

—Mrs. Ayren

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  • Guywithglasses

    I’m trying my best not to make a joke about tea-bagging. I really am.

  • Tiifu

    That IS funny Guywithglasses, LOL!!

  • Andean B.

    that pillow deal works! Cause my lil’ puffy eyes look like I’m a night fighter if I sleep on my face or side…so I try to slumber on my back, but I have to be floating to bed on fumes to crash and wake up the same way I feel asleep. I’ll try the prep. H and see if I can fall back on it from time to time.