When Retail Attacks: Black Friday Edition

I know we are supposed to be chillaxin and all, but for real? First a dude gets stampeded to death at Walmart and then a shootout at Toys R’ US?
In Long Island, a Walmart worker was killed when shoppers stormed the doors during the opening at 5am, a pregnant woman was also knocked to the floor. Really Long Island? What in the hell is in Walmart at 5am that can kill a person? I blame the Wii.
Over in Cali, two men were shot to death today inside a Toys ‘R’ Us, killed while both in a shoot-out. Police aren’t confirming or denying gang activity, but seriously, are we bringing loaded weapons to buy Dora the Explorer toys with us now? You know that times are crazy when we are packing while Christmas shopping. I thought my mom’s was bad when she decked a woman over the last brown Cabbage Patch Kid doll. Sigh.

SoCal Toys ‘R’ Us Shooting Leaves Two Dead {HuffPo}
Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede {NYDN}

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  • ariel

    ok im only 13 but its pretty sad that a 13 year old thinks that people are pretty stupid for actin the way they do on black friday…i mean all this happens for a freakin toy…its stupid…why would u even wake up that early to get it…trust me there is a much less crowd in the afternoon…now i heard about what happened at long island and with toys r us and walmart and those people are freakin stupid man…apparently they couldve seen that man right there instead of trampling him to death..and that pregnant lady…people think its stupid that she even went out in that crowd 9 months pregnant…but she shouldnt have to worry about that if people werent soooooo stupid…and why the heck would you bring a freakin gun to freakin toys r us.. thats freakin stupid…it just makes me mad watchin people fight over something so stupid as a toy!!!!!!