Angel! You’re Just In Time!

See. I knew we wrote our Worst Hip-Hop Videos of 2008 list too soon! But seeing how one could argue that it couldn’t qualify for a video, just add it to the “Do You Expect Us To Take You Serious” list of singles that will drop in 09…if this actually, drops. It’s Angel Lola Luv, the questionably enhanced video vixen who has captured the hearts and eyes of many. Oh, and she’s a rapper too.

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  • MoJo

    sorry, i know its the wrong thing to say, but i love that shit! yeah, its lyrically weak, and she’s not exactly known for her mic skills, and maybe i’ve been in nola too long now, but I’m a boss bitch!!

  • Guywithglasses

    **watches the video on mute**

  • Moochie

    (blank stare with crickets in the back…)

  • Dionne

    That is just public service record to stay in school, they just forget to tell us. What in the Sam Hill was she thinking, does she really think that’s cute? She makes Trina look like the ultimate lyricist!