Beyonce’s “Diva” & “Halo”

Here’s “Diva”- please let it be good. I don’t think I can take it if it’s not as hot as “Single Ladies.” Also, “Halo” is after the jump. Me no likey that one so much. edit- there’s no real dance breakdown. I am sad.

For the record, I could stare into Michael Ealy’s eyes ALL DAY. lol…

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  • Not really feeling this Diva biz. Sounds too much like “I’m Bossy” which was much better. Also–after Single Ladies do we need another three person routine with leotards? Next…

  • Moochie

    Im hella mad that Papa Knowles done put the smack down and removed the videos! and that they want someone to PAY 1.99 for the videos to watch them. This some bullsh*t! Beyonce – u are officially FIRED.

  • Truth

    You can watch the video for free on worldstarhiphop!
    Beyonce has no class, that shows the video Halo. Now she is taking her ass to a million dollar vaction sponsered by Jay-z. It was really smart from her to drop the video on Christmas, so Jay cannot be mad anyway.

    My New Years wish for 2009: Jay-z is reaching divorce and finds a nice, normal girl.

  • Moochie

    Just watched Halo – thanks Truth. CORNYYYYYYYYYYYYY lol oh B..how i want to love u so..but your making it hard?!

  • ya’ll need to stop hating diva is the sh!$t and halo is a beautiful video.

  • Kyra

    I don’t like diva too much. It seems a little too hood. It also seems that Beyonce forced herself to make that song. I could be wrong though. But I give her props because she was probably getting back at some rumor someone spread about her. I love halo and I love her as an artist.