Can You See The Funny Side?

So mums up and down the country are up-in-arms about these mock-stiletto shoes – called Heelarious – for babies aged 0-6 months. They’re apparently a fun way for babies to play dress-up (do four month old babies even know what “dress-up” is?!)

Those who are “shocked” say it’s sexualising children, and making them grow up too fast. Not sure about you, but I haven’t a flipping clue what I was wearing at four months old anyway… so I don’t really think it bared any relevance on my adult sex life.

And as for those “shocked” parents, I don’t see anyone forcing you to buy the shoes. So get over it!

—Miss London

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  • as a parent, i am not shocked and appalled (people will try to sell anything) but i don’t think this is something that people should “just get over”. playing dress up is an important part of a child’s development but is putting heels on 4 mth olds really necessary? some may argue that it’s cute, like your toy poodle wearing a leather jacket and a tutu. but the flip side is the not-so-cute 4 yr. olds i see with heels and mini skirts. let kids be kids. and let’s be honest, these play heels aren’t really for the babies. it’s for their moms who want to dress them up like dolls (jon-benet ramsey’s parents). so again, i say, let kids be kids and babies be babies.