Just Because: Res (Santogold’s) “They Say Vision”

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  • love me some res. did santogold record this first or write it or something? i don’t get the reference.

  • you know, that’s so grimey…low down…dirty even! Res’s first album is hers! jussssssssssss because Shanti wrote some jawns doesn’t mean suddenly the song is really hers. the hate…the hate…has to stop.

    Addy Dunkle of withoutapause.com/

  • Steely D

    @addy dunkle no hate, just honest. If you dont write your album and the song-writer who does blows herself, are you necc as the conduit anymore? I love Res. I’m pretty sure that I was one of the 5 people in the Cali Bay area who even know who she is and purchased her album…but that doesn’t stop the fact that Santo/Santi is the brains behind Res’ songs’. *shrugs* kinda like Beyonce or Rihanna without Makeeba. Google it and learn homie.

  • jbaker

    “some jawns”??
    Hmmm….goes to check liner notes….yup, Santi (Santogold) wrote 10 out of 11 tracks on that album…no co-writing credits…solo credits. Res wrote “The Ice King” with 2 addt’l writers.

  • 10 out of 11?! dang..that’s what i get for coping bootleg copies of music..well big ups to santogold. i still love res but now i can include santi in my group hug

  • Bundy

    was never a big Res fan- and I dont rock with Santogold either lol. Now it all makes sense!