Super Late New Rihanna (you’re welcome!)

Yup. We’re late. But Rihanna’s kinda newly leaked track, “Bitch I’m Special” is on repeat in the Parlour. Enjoy!

CORRECTION: This song is a DEMO sung FOR Rihanna and not BY Rihanna…we think.


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  • lanai

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • Steely D

    ok, yeah, this is definitely someone else singing a reference for rihanna. this isn’t ri-ri. lol…lawd lawd lawd.

  • StephanieGinelle

    That is definatly Rih rih. You can tell by the signature sound of her voice. Also she is learning to manage her accent better.
    The are trying to create a new sound so the listeners stay interested. IM DIHHIN IT = ]


    Cute- However it sounds more like Cassie than Rhianna

  • lanai

    dang it!!!!!@ the update. Still like the song though šŸ™‚