The Other Joke of the Day

Soooooo…I was perusing the Internet last night like I have money and I found these Helmut Lang suede stretch pants…for $920!!! Seriously, who are they kidding? It’s a recession. What items have you seen with prices that are outrageous?


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  • Guywithglasses

    are you sure those are even pants?

    looks like warm tights to me.

  • ayren

    $500 face cream from Cle de Peau. Seriously?! I’ll just drink some FREE water and be good.

  • lanai

    lol @ Guywithglasses

  • The High Top Lanvin Kicks (Beige & GreEn) ON SALE did drop a couple hundred bucks but they’re still in the $600 range.
    Oh & Apartments (Co-Ops) are still not dropPing as I thought.